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History of Exploration

Even the earliest travellers needed to record their thoughts and experiences as they explored, making notes, drawing what they have seen, making maps. Early exploration was on foot and horseback, or by sea. A selection of the world’s greatest historical explorers are below. Continue reading Transcription and Exploration

Gillian Anderson interview transcript

I have just finished transcribing a lovely interview on Ms Gillian Anderson.  Her professionalism is clearly evident in the easy relaxed manner in which she conducts the interview.  It’s like she is having a conversation over a cup of tea with an old friend on her very busy life working in film, TV and theatre while still being a Mum.  When asked if it was easy to get back into the role of ‘Scully’ for the newly released movie, the ‘X-Files’, she stated that it’s a very specific role and finds that hair, make-up and wardrobe help her re-identify with the character – don’t we all remember the very definite haircut and those blouses and suits.   The interview focuses mainly on the very popular British TV drama, ‘The Fall’ in which she plays Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson tracking a serial killer.  She describes this role as being one of her favourite personalities to play, saying “I am also confounded by her … she fascinates me in the way that she operates in the world.”   She attributes this to the brilliant writing of Allan Cubitt whose “words breathe life” and provides a script that makes her character so “incredibly compelling” to play.  There is talk of more seasons of ‘The Fall’, so more opportunities for us to enjoy Ms Anderson’s brilliant acting.

gillian-812x522The interview will be published in the Sunday Times.

Transcribed by Cheryl Small for Fingertips Typing Services.

Transcription about Tennis Match Fixing

maxresdefaultTennis Match Fixing

I have just finished a transcript from a radio show talking about match fixing in tennis which was most interesting and informative.  I think most people have heard of match fixing in football and cricket, but not so much in tennis.  It did make me wonder…

" you could possibly fix a tennis match?"

Well, this was explained in detail.

The Fix

The fix happens where “gamblers” will rope in one of the players and pay them a certain amount to win a set but eventually lose the match, or alternatively, win/lose the match in a certain number of games.  They then bet on whichever criteria they have come up with and make thousands/millions from it and they pay the player a certain amount of money, with the amount depending upon the criteria that they have worked out previously.

This is mostly carried out with players that are lower ranked, although there are allegations of top 100 ranking players also taking part.


The TIU (Tennis Integrity Unit) will investigate some of these occurrences of match fixing.  However, it is alleged that they have been known to “ignore” some of the higher ranked players as it would affect the “clean image” of tennis which is probably why most people have never even heard of match fixing in tennis.

It is also alleged that match fixing is prolific both in the men’s and women’s game and is currently ongoing in some of the top tournaments, including Wimbledon.

The full discussion was aired on BBC Radio 4 on 16th March at 8pm.

Written by: Susanna Tinsley, Transcriber for Fingertips Typing Services.

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