What questions should you ask before hiring a virtual assistant?

Outsourcing the right virtual assistant or secretary is extremely important to the success of your company, it allows you to concentrate on the core aspect of your business. But with so many companies out there offering this service, what should you look for when selecting the right company for you.

Here is our checklist for getting it right:

  1. Confidentiality – Do they have measures in place to ensure all of your and your customers information is confidential. A non-disclosure agreement would be ideal, will the company and the virtual assistant be willing to sign one.
  2. Knowledge – Do they have knowledge and expertise in your industry?
  3. Multi-lingual – If your business is international, do you require multi-lingual assistants? Working with someone who speaks in the native language of your customers can be extremely helpful.
  4. Tasks – Have a list of tasks that you want your virtual assistant to work on. Remember they will be freeing up your time to allow you to be more productive.
  5. Costs – Be mindful of how much it would cost you to employ someone to do this role, how much would you be willing to pay someone who is outsourced?
  6. Time – What hours would you like them to be available to you?
  7. SLA – Always get a copy of their service agreement, before signing anything, that way you know what to expect from their service.
  8. Sickness/Holiday – What support will they offer you if your virtual assistant is sick or on holiday.
  9. Clear Payment Terms – Knowing how much you will be paying and when payment is due will help you manage your accounts.
  10. Communication – How do you want to communicate with your virtual assistant; phone, Skype, email, text?

Here at Fingertips we can allocate you with a secretary who can take your telephone calls, manage your diary, arrange meetings, co-ordinate events, send emails on your behalf and also transcribe your audio.

To find out more about our services email info@fingertipstyping.co.uk

The Truth About Virtual PA Services

A Virtual PA service is a great way for your business to save money and increase productivity, however, there are a lot of myths out there about virtual PA services. This article tells you the truth about  what to expect and debunks the myths.

  1. Virtual PAs are fully trained and experienced

The myth out there is that all Virtual PA services are run from call centres and while for it can be true of some low-quality virtual PAs, if you do your checks thoroughly enough you will find that most services are extremely professional, with highly trained and skilled PAs. Fingertips Typing Services offers support from an expert team.

  1. What about our brand and culture?

The right Virtual PA provider should be able to think, act and behave like an employee,. At Fingertips Typing Services we act as an extension to your brand, our team will fit seamlessly into your business.

  1. Supported 24/7, Even with sickness and holidays.

Unlike in-house PAs, a virtual one will ensure that there is cover should there be sickness or holiday. At Fingertips Typing Services our team of PAs work around the clock ensuring that there is always someone there when you need us.

  1. Multi-skilled PAs

A high-quality service provider should be able to give you access to more than one PA’s skill set.  So if you need something out of the ordinary, for example you may need to translate a report or email to an overseas customer then you can pull on the resources of a multilingual PA. At Fingertips Typing Services we have a wide team of professionals from different backgrounds, skill sets and many are multilingual giving you the support you need.

  1. Reduce your costs

A virtual PA can offer you substantial cost savings: no holiday or sickness pay, no desk space, no PAYE to name but a few. Additionally, they are flexible so you only need to use them when you have a requirement for it, rather than paying a full-time salary.

If you are looking for a virtual PA or would like to know more about the services we offer please email info@fingertipstyping.co.uk